c h a n g e + i n f i n i t y


Le'Morf Architects

is a firm located in Chennai_India., doing Design, Consultancy & Contract Services to Architectural Projects throughout the region. 
The firm is known for listening carefully to determine the needs and desires of the client and then creating innovative architecture to express the uniqueness of the client, their program and site. As a result, the firm has been recognized for design excellence throughout the industry.

"LEMORF", the Pertinent word for "Change + Infinity", was chosen as our  firm's name to Signify the Inspiration Derived from Each Site with Infinite Variables. It is our intent to seek out projects that focus less on the "style" of architecture and more on the underlying order that can be found universally.

Our interest is in pursuing with our clients projects where we can explore reinterpreting this dialect while at the same time providing the most up to date elements of present day building and design.


"The focus of our firm is to create inventive architecture that addresses the requirements of contemporary life while also pertaining to the Client'sRequirements".

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